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Во время боев под Изюмом весной 2022 военный Михаил Юрчук получил сложное ранение. В результате мужчина потерял руку и ногу. Сначала ему установили протез ноги, а недавно во львовском Национальном реабилитационном центре "Несокрушимые" - современный бионический протез руки. Благодаря специальным сенсорам он может воспроизводить привычные движения. Теперь воин проходит реабилитацию. Об этом сообщили в Первом ТМО Львове.

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The first and mandatory step in the treatment of hypertension is lifestyle modification (LS), which is aimed at correcting the above risk factors, primarily modifiable ones. A big problem is the choice of the most optimal treatment for hypertension, which can slow down the progression of lesions of the heart, blood vessels, kidneys, brain and eyes. The vast majority of hypertensive patients who seek medical help require combination antihypertensive therapy. At the same time, the most appropriate at the present level is the use of fixed combinations of such drugs.

Изменения в мировой борьбе с болезнями

Back in 2002, according to the justification of the Institute, inactivated polio vaccine (IPV) was introduced into the Immunization Calendar of Ukraine for the 1st vaccination against poliomyelitis (children continued to receive OPV for the remaining 5 doses by age). In 2006, this vaccine was also used for the second vaccination. This made it possible to first reduce and then practically stop the cases of vaccine-associated paralytic poliomyelitis in Ukraine. Since then, the issue of switching to a full IPV vaccination scheme in Ukraine has been repeatedly raised, as has been practiced for many years in all European countries, the USA, Canada, and Australia. Currently, this problem is becoming even more urgent, given both the epidemic situation and the prospects for Ukraine's accession to the EU.