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In the age group of 44-60 years, 47% of men and 66% of women rated their own health as "good" (p<0.05). A feature of the self-assessment of health of the respondents of this age group was higher levels of subjective assessment of health in women compared to men: about 2% of women subjectively assessed their own health as "excellent"; the proportion of women who rated their health as "mediocre" was two times less compared to men (32% versus 17%; p<0.05). In the group of older people (over 61 years of age), gender characteristics of the distribution of self-assessment of health by respondents were also established. Thus, half of the men surveyed rated their own health as “good”, which was three times more than women (53% versus 18%, p<0.01). In women, on the contrary, the share of those who rated their own health as “mediocre” was 17% higher. Almost every fifth woman of this age considers her own health to be “bad”, while not a single man gave such an assessment. High health scores (“excellent” and “very good”) were absent for both men and women.

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“For the second month, we see an increase in the number of coronavirus diseases. Over the past week, 24,000 new cases were recorded, the week before that there were 16,000, that is, there is a gradual increase. Our experts, together with WHO experts, predict that this year the peak incidence will be at the beginning October... In previous years, it was the end of October - the beginning of November. We are preparing for this in order to provide proper medical care," the minister said.

Изменения в мировой борьбе с болезнями

Лечение кортикостероидами (особенно преднизолоном в дозе ≥20 мг/сут или его эквивалент) связано с повышенным риском инфицирования. Однако неясно, связана ли терапия кортикостероидами с повышенным риском развития COVID-19 или ее осложнений. Данные о будесониде , кортикостероидах местного действия с низкой системной биодоступностью показывают, что эти препараты связаны со значительно меньшим количеством побочных эффектов по сравнению с системными кортикостероидами и их побочные эффекты приближены к плацебо.