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В регионах, где отсутствуют активные боевые действия, необходимо интенсифицировать процесс вакцинации против полиомиелита как местных, так и перемещенных детей до 6 лет дополнительной дозой инактивированной вакцины и продолжать вакцинацию по возрасту в соответствии с Календарем прививок против всех инфекционных болезней, управляемых средствами специфической. Для профилактики полиомиелита предпочтение отдавать инактивированной вакцине для всех возрастов.

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Thus, hypertension has been and remains a very important medical and social problem that requires appropriate attention not only from healthcare institutions and medical workers, but also from the leadership of the Ministry of Health and the state. Only through the joint efforts of representatives of medical science, health care and the entire public society can it be possible to achieve an increase in the effectiveness of the fight against this disease

Изменения в мировой борьбе с болезнями

Mikhail Yurchuk is from the Khmelnytsky region. After school, the man worked at a glass factory and a furniture factory. However, at the age of 26, he decided to become a professional military man. “Since childhood, I have dreamed of becoming a military man. For me, this is about honor, duty. First, I served in a missile brigade, I was a rocket scientist, then I went to a military college for non-commissioned officers and finally went to the airborne brigade,” says Mikhail Yurchuk. When a full-scale war began, the military served in the Donbass. Then the brigade was moved to the Kharkov region. Michael was wounded there.